Models and Tools to Evaluate Space Communication Network Capacity

We have published a paper on our ability to model ground station network capacity entitled Models and Tools to Evaluate Space Communication Network Capacity. The paper is available from IEEE and the abstract is given below.

This paper introduces models and tools to assess the communication capacity for highly dynamic and geographically diverse ground stations that loosely collaborate to provide increased satellite connectivity. Communication capacity is the total amount of information exchanged between a network of satellites and ground stations over a finite time period. We outline the major constraints on communication capacity which influence transmission capabilities from the satellite, ground station, and network perspectives. Orbit models are combined with engineering analysis software to compare the capacity of existing and future ground station networks. Simulation results from recent clustered satellite launches and representative ground networks are presented and the capacity properties are discussed. By studying network communication capacity, we find opportunities to optimize communication schedules across federated networks to simultaneously and autonomously support multiple satellites.