MXL is enabled by partners and sponsors.  For example, the Earth photo on the right was taken by MCubed-2, a student-built CubeSat from MXL.  It began as an idea in a student group called S3FL with students like Kiko Dontchev, Yang Li, and Michael Heywood.  It matured in MXL as a fully funded effort by NASA JPL.  The mission trained over 30 students and provided flight characterization of novel satellite computer hardware.  It has taken stunning photos of our spaceship Earth.

We are grateful for our donors and sponsors below. Thank you!

If you are interested in sponsoring MXL activities (education, research, and missions), please contact us.


Thanks to all of our donors that support MXL education and research!

2021 – Support for classroom 3D printing systems for rapid prototyping of CubeSat systems.
2015 – Sponsorship of our air bearing satellite testing system.
2015 – Sponsorship of summer high altitude balloon missions.
LM2010 – Sponsored multiple students developing flight hardware during the summer.
2011 – Donated thermal testing chamber for classroom usage.
SpaceX2011 – 2014 – Thanks to the MXL alumni at SpaceX that are acting as mentors and reviewers.
Stellar2011 – Thank you to Stellar for funding part of our summer ballooning effort.
2019 – RedmineUP provides their pro tools for use in MXL redmine projects. This has greatly increased ability to manage projects with their Agile tools for Redmine!

Project Sponsors

  • NASA
    • 2021: Development of scientific data sources from Lunar Gateway for space weather studies with Dr. Mike Liemohn.
    • 2020: Funding for the MARIO (MC9) mission, an in-space Demonstration of submicron active optomechanical control (Phase II)
    • 2017: Development of New Low-Resource Magnetometers for Small Satellites, in partnership with Dr. Mark Moldwin
    • 2016: MARIO – The Measurement of Actuator Response and Impedance in Orbit (MARIO) 3U CubeSat, in partnership with Dr. Dan Inman
    • 2015: TBEX – The Tri-band Beacon Explorer with SRI International, a 3U CubeSat
    • 2011: GRIFEX CubeSat mission
  • National Science Foundation (NSF)
    • 2011 – ”Robust Capacity-Constrained Scheduling and Data-Based Model Refinement for Enhanced Collision Avoidance in Low-Earth Orbit”, Cyber Physical Systems.
    • 2010: CADRE –  Cubesat Investigating Atmospheric Density Response to Extreme Driving (CADRE)
    • 2008 – RAX-1 and RAX-2.
  • Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)
    • 2009 – Magnetometer sensor calibration with Creare Inc.
  • Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) –
  • JPL
    • 2022 – FSS, the Farside Seismic Suite
    • 2015 – The Software Defined Ground Station
    • 2010 – MCubed-1 and MCubed-2 CubeSat misions