RAX press release

Check out the official press release for RAX’s recent accomplishments.  This was featured in such news sources as: Wall Street Journal Market Watch, R&D Magazine, Science NewslineBetaNewsEurekAlertPatexiaSolar Flares NewsITbriefing and others.

From the article: “The RAX radar echo discovery has convincingly proved that miniature satellites, beyond their role as teaching tools, can provide high caliber measurements for fundamental space weather research,” said Therese Moretto Jorgensen, Ph.D., Geospace program director in the Division of Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences at the National Science Foundation.

Delay line image

The recently collected radar echoes allow us to determine the root cause and to possibly predict future disturbances in the auroral ionosphere – disturbances that can severely compromise communication and GPS satellites,” said Hasan Bahcivan, Ph.D., a research physicist in SRI’s Center for Geospace Studies, and principal investigator of the RAX mission.