MCubed Update – 10 Nov 2011

MCubed continues to grow stronger in its beacons, but we do not yet have two way communication with the satellites. Beacons are being received in California, Japan and Europe. Thanks for all the tracking support!

The beacons show that the satellite continues to be power positive. Four of the six panels are producing power. We only have 30 beacons, so the status of the other two panels are not known. The +X and -X panels are these panels. The magnet is along this axis and the camera faces the +X direction.

Also, the beacons show that the satellite continues to reset periodically.  This is unexpected and not repeatable on our ground unit.  Resets can occur from software glitches, SEUs, power shortages or nearby RF transmissions.

We are continuing to work to command the satellite and obtain two way communication.