Happy New Year from MXL!

We wish our friends and colleagues and those stopping by on the site a prosperous and healthy 2012!  Happy new year!

2012 should be an exciting year for us at MXL.  RAX-2 is doing well.  We have downloaded four experiments, three from PFISR and one from RISR.  We continue to optimize operation as we train more operators and understand how RAX-2 is doing.  Her solar panels appear extremely healthy.

MCubed is reliably, but weakly beaconing.  She appears in good health.  We are planning a trip to big dishes in California at SRI in the early January to attempt to contact.

We have two more 3U missions in the pipeline, CADRE and GRIFEX.  More to come one those later.  We have submitted several research journal articles on other aspects of our research and hope to see those publicly soon!

May your new year start off well!