Amateur Radio at MXL

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Amateur radio, both the technology and the users of it, are a fundamental part of MXL.  A long time ago, the foundation of MXL engineering was developed during “mentor meetings” at Stanford University.  Prof Bob Twiggs would invite local experts, most HAMs, to meet with students to provide lessons learned, mentoring, coaching, and critiquing.  A favorite quote from Lars Karlsson went something like, “There’s nothing wrong with OPAL, it just doesn’t work.”  With advice like that, we were able to get OPAL on orbit, which was the forerunner to CubeSats.  Other HAMs from that time were Jerry Lawson, Dick Kors, and John Ellis. The trick was always to ask the right question.

Today, in MXL, we are HAMs and we work with HAMs around the world.  We work to learn and recreate the innovative, collaborative, helpful nature of the amateur radio world within MXL.

Beacon Information

MXL satellites often carry data beacons that can be received and decoded by global HAMs.  Below are links to beacon info per satellite.

  • MCubed-2 – Coming Soon!
  • MCubed-1 – Coming Soon!
  • GRIFEX – Coming!

Global HAMs

The missions of MXL have been fortunate to receive significant assistance from the amateur radio community worldwide. We owe a great deal of our mission successes to the skill and dedication of our HAM colleagues:  Would you like to join the MXL HAM community? Are you a current member of the MXL HAM community and want your photo and contact information posted here? Contact:

Mike Rupprecht, DK3WN, Germany
Mike Rupprecht, DK3WN, Germany
Iji Yoshitomo, JA6PL, Japan
Iji Yoshitomo, JA6PL, Japan
Tetsurou Satou, JA0CAW, Japan
Tetsurou Satou, JA0CAW, Japan
Henk Hamoen, PA3GUO, Netherlands
Henk Hamoen, PA3GUO, Netherlands
Colin Hurst, VK5HI, Australia
Colin Hurst, VK5HI, Australia
Kasei Toshio, JA1GDE, Japan
Kasei Toshio, JA1GDE, Japan

Alan Cresswell, ZL2BX, New Zealand

Shamai Opfer, 4Z1WS, Israel

Justin Foley, KI6EPH, California, USA

Kyle Leveque, KG6TXT, California, USA

Kasei Toshio, JA1GDE, Japan

JA5BLZ, Japan

Mark Hammond, N8MH, North Carolina, USA


Many of the MXL members are amateur radio operators, or HAMS.  Below is a list of current and alumni HAMs.

Current HAMs

  1. James Cutler — KF6RFX
  2. Daniel Gu – KD2OHT
  3. Anny Lin — KM6QCN
  4. Jeffrey Poon — KD2LRA
  5. Damen Provost — KD8SRY
  6. Rohan Punnoose — KK4UPD
  7. Justin Schachter – K6ELD
  8. Srinagesh Sharma — KD8SPS
  9. Justin Shetty – KD2OHS
  10. Jacob Sigler — KD9EBL
  11. Daniel Spatcher — KE8ISZ
  12. Matthew Szczerba — KE8EYN
  13. Jack Underwood — KE8DDT
  14. Peter Washabaugh — KD8ZBM
  15. Joe Yates – KC1IGN

Alumni HAMs

  1. Veronika Bayer — KE8DDV
  2. Garrett Cullen — KE8AIC
  3. Emanuela Della Bosca — KE8EHR
  4. Robert Huddleston — KK4PHU
  5. Andy Klesh — KD0DLH
  6. Kathryn Luczek — KD8WJM
  7. Ari Porter — W7KKE
  8. Logan Sisca — KD8VAQ
  9. Casey Steuer — KD8WJV
  10. Andrew Taylor — KD8VAS
  11. Joshua Synowiec — KD8WJT
  12. Alex Walsh — KE8DFR
  13. Adam Werries — KD8VXQ