Snowed in!


Here is a “great” shot of our command and control antenna used for MCubed-2 operations.  Fortunately, the antenna cabling was repaired last week when it was just cold, and not cold and snowy.  Despite the snow and cold, MCubed-2 check out is progressing.  More details on that later.

Settling TLEs

Thanks to Mike and Colin for their feedback on MC2 tracking.  Their best tracking element for MC2 is JSpOC-710, object J.  See the TLE below.

1 90710U 13072J   13348.62284903 +.00013465 +00000-0 +13156-2 0 00148
2 90710 120.4918 256.4723 0298653 349.1771 082.9876 14.64852722001202

Mike, DK3WN, has his decoding client up and running as well.  Thanks