MCubed-2 Client Updates

Hey Helpful Operators! We’ve released a new client with a few necessary updates and bugfixes. We have added solar panel temperatures and currents, fixed a bug where we weren’t able to identify the associated ground station with incoming beacons, and re-enabled the ability to upload the local backup data files. Grab the new client at Continue Reading »

MCubed-2 Telemetry

Mark Hammond from North Carolina has successfully decoded the MCubed-2 beacons! The spacecraft’s telemetry indicates that all systems are currently nominal. We’d like to thank all of the HAM operators who are currently helping us decode beacons!

Critical subsystems normally functions
The telemetry shows that all critical subsystems are functioning nominally!

MCubed-2 Beacons

We have confirmed that the beacons we heard were indeed from MCubed-2! The overlay on the waterfall plot shows the Doppler shift that occurs as the satellite passes overhead. The center frequency is exactly 437.485 MHz, which is MCubed-2’s transmission frequency.

Confirmation of MCubed-2
Confirmation that we heard MCubed-2!

First Contact!

At 6:52 a.m., MCubed-2 made it’s first pass over Ann Arbor and we heard her beacons with the high-gain Yagi antenna! The ground station also picked up a satellite transmitting around 437.355 MHz. We will continue to track the GEMSat CubeSats and decode the beacons during upcoming passes!

The updated TLEs for the CubeSats are Continue Reading »


LIFTOFF of MCubed-2 aboard ULA’s Atlas 5 rocket!! The beautiful launch occurred precisely at 2:14:30 a.m. Eastern Time. The CubeSats are scheduled to deploy at 5:35, and we expect the first pass over Ann Arbor to occur at 6:50! Stay tuned for updates about the spacecraft’s status as we receive beacons.

Liftoff of the Atlas 5 rocket
Liftoff of the Atlas