M-Cubed2 is a mission designed around flight evaluation of a NASA JPL image processing FPGA called COVE. Our spacecraft provides pictures of Earth for processing, power, and data handling. M-Cubed2 is a re-flight of the COVE experiment with updated avionics after the original M-Cubed accidentally docked with another cubesat shortly after launch, losing the ability to transmit in the process.

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Best Current TLE

1 90710U 13072J   13348.62284903 +.00013465 +00000-0 +13156-2 0 00148
2 90710 120.4918 256.4723 0298653 349.1771 082.9876 14.64852722001202

Amateur Radio Beacon Information
The amateur radio community can take part in the M-Cubed2 mission by tracking the satellite and sending us any received beacons. Beacon parsing and transmission can be handled automatically using our MXL Client Application. This Java application is compatible with any 9600 baud, KISS-enabled TNC and all operating systems that can run Java applications. If the ground station has Internet access, the client will automatically forward the beacons to our database.

Frequency: 437.485 MHz (Note, most HAMs are receiving better at 437.480.)
Rate: 9600 Baud
Modulation: GMSK
Transmit Interval: 10 seconds
RF Power Output:
Antenna Polarization: Linear