TBEx flight build

TBE during integration

The TBEx flight build is underway. Led by Nathanael England, the MXL team is building the two TBEx satellites and preparing them for final environmental testing. TBEx is scheduled to launch in mid 2018 as part of the STP-2 mission onboard a Falcon Heavy.

TBEX, the Tandem Beacon Experiment (TBEx), consists of a tandem pair of CubeSats, each carrying tri-frequency radio beacons, in near identical, low inclination orbits and a cluster of diagnostic sensors on five islands in the Central Pacific sector. The science objectives and goals of TBEx are to study how the dynamics and processes in the troposphere can act to cause variability in the behavior of the upper atmosphere and ionosphere. TBEx being developed by SRI International and MXL with funding from NASA.

TBE during integration
TBEx M and B (maize and blue) during integration in the clean room.
Dan Gu
Dan Gu works on TBEx integration and testing.