MXL Presents CubeSat Research at Caltech Keck Institute for Space Studies

On July 16-20, MXL faculty and students participated in a small satellite workshop hosted by Caltech’s Keck Institute for Space Studies.  The workshop, titled “Small Satellites: A Revolution in Space Science,” started off with a one-day lecture series featuring research and development efforts from both academia and industry.  The workshop was designed to bring together space scientists, technologists, and mission designers to conceive novel scientific observations and to resolve the technical roadblocks for new observations that are inaccessible to traditional spacecraft systems, yet enabled by small satellite systems.

MXL director Prof. James Cutler presentedScience and CubeSats – the NSF Experiment,”   in which he summarized the history of university-class missions and discussed the evolution of the RAX mission from concept to reality.

MXL doctoral candidates John Springmann and Sara Spangelo presented posters depicting their research efforts, and participated in workshop brainstorming sessions.