MC2 Ops Update – Photo of So Cal

MC2 continues to be successfully tasked to operate COVE and perform experiments.  We recently ran our 25th successful COVE run on pic6, a picture taken by MC2 on 09 February 2014 over northern Michigan.  A succesful run means that the COVE payload processed the image, and that the data produced by the algorithm matched the data produced during the first COVE run on pic6, which was verified by the ground test unit at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

On April 04, 2014, we took three new pictures on MC2 over southern California. We downloaded thumbnails of all three pictures and decided to download higher resolution jpg images of two of the better pictures shown below. We will be downloading the jpg’s within the next couple of days.

MC2's pic13
MC2’s pic13.
MC2's pic14
MC2’s pic14.

Also, the online Live Telemetry site’s “Cove Num Failures” data point was renamed to “Cove Halted Runs.” The names “COVE Num Success” and “COVE Num Failures” were misleading, as these numbers don’t necessarily tell us if the image processing actually failed or was successful. In order to know if the process was actually successful or unsuccessful, further processes are required.