Last-Minute Client Fix for Python 3 Users (Get it before the first pass!)

With GRIFEX safely on its way to orbit (coverage on facebook), there is one quick fix we need Python 3 users to make to be able to decode GRIFEX beacons. Thanks to early installers, we have discovered that the TCP Serial Redirect script packaged with copies downloaded before today (1/31) may not function when run with Python 3. Our decoding client auto-updater does not update the TCP Serial Redirect script, so Python 3 users may have to re-download the client launcher to get it to work. Alternatively, those willing to dive into the code can change line 114 in from:

self.queue = Queue.Queue()  # Works only in python 2


self.queue = queue.Queue()   # Works only in python 3

(Yes, these lines are exactly the same except for capitalization).

Python 2 users, and those who downloaded the client this morning (1/31) should not be affected.