TBEx Launch: T-minus 4 Days

PPod stack

MXL’s first pair of coordinated satellites are scheduled to launch in 4 days.  This will be the first part of a constellation that we hope grows with additional nodes for space weather monitoring and technology demonstrations.  The Enhanced Tandem Beacon Explorers (E-TBEx) will map the Earth’s upper atmosphere to characterize how plasma bubbles develop in Continue Reading »

LITE #2 Night Launch!

LITE2 - bench testing

On April 15, 2019, MXL’s Project Strato launched its second iteration of the LED Initial Testing Experiment (LITE), a technology demonstration mission that aims to improve optical trackability of small satellites by equipping them with LEDs that can be seen from telescopes on the ground. A successful LITE mission shall gather dynamics and telemetry data Continue Reading »

TBEx flight build

TBE during integration

The TBEx flight build is underway. Led by Nathanael England, the MXL team is building the two TBEx satellites and preparing them for final environmental testing. TBEx is scheduled to launch in mid 2018 as part of the STP-2 mission onboard a Falcon Heavy.

TBEX, the Tandem Beacon Experiment (TBEx), consists of a tandem pair Continue Reading »

Back online!

It’s been awhile, but we’re back online!  Our web site rebuild was delayed due to flight builds, eclipses, and summer travel!  Looking forward to posting again.  Be sure to stay updated on our Facebook Page as well!

The team checks out TBEx during testing.
The team checks out TBEx during testing. It worked!