Strato night flight of LITE

LITE system
LITE system
The LITE payload near the wave field for testing.

By Matthew Szczerba.

The thirty-first flight of MXL’s Strato high-altitude ballooning project launched from a skatepark in Marshall, MI at 10:47 pm local time on May 10, 2018. The mission, called Strato LITE (LED Initial Testing Experiment), carried two prototype LED panels for MXL’s next CubeSat Continue Reading »

Irish Hills from 95K Feet

This past weekend, we launched a training balloon mission to 95K feet.  The goal was to introduce new students to stratospheric flight with high altitude balloons.  We launched several tracking systems and imaging systems.  Here is the view of Irish Hills in southeast Michigan.  You can see all the lakes glinting in the sun.  Opposite Continue Reading »