RAX Attitude Determination Results

Results of the analysis of the RAX-1 and RAX-2 attitude determination system have recently been published.

John C. Springmann, James W. Cutler, Flight results of a low-cost attitude determination system, Acta Astronautica, Volume 99, June–July 2014, Pages 201-214, ISSN 0094-5765, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.actaastro.2014.02.026.

Attitude determination accuracy of RAX-2
Figure 12 from the paper. Attitude determination accuracy of RAX-2 data collected on December
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RAX Profiled by The Space Review

RAX-2 was recently featured on the blog “The Space Review,” which covers recent developments in the SmallSat community.  The article discussed numerous CubeSat missions that presented at the SmallSat conference at Utah State University this past August.

According to the article: “CubeSats are already providing good scientific data for researchers. The University of Michigan’s Radio Continue Reading »

MXL Presents CubeSat Research at Caltech Keck Institute for Space Studies

On July 16-20, MXL faculty and students participated in a small satellite workshop hosted by Caltech’s Keck Institute for Space Studies.  The workshop, titled “Small Satellites: A Revolution in Space Science,” started off with a one-day lecture series featuring research and development efforts from both academia and industry.  The workshop was designed to bring together Continue Reading »