COVE Autorun Success

The CubeSat On-board Processing Validation Experiment (COVE) aboard MCubed-2 has successfully run and completed its first task without any issues! COVE utilizes an advanced radiation-hardened FPGA processor and image processing algorithms that will be used for high-data-rate processing in future Earth science missions. Decoded beacons from this morning’s pass included the following information which indicates that Continue Reading »

MC2 uplink successful!

The ops team successfully command MC2 this morning! This is a major hurdle for the team as on MC1, uplink was unsuccessful due to a variety of factors. The team is now readying commands to assess the status of the payload, COVE, and download further telemetry from the satellite. Good job team!

Buckled up!

Tyler Rose and Dan Smith are headed to Morehead State University to vibe test the MCubed-2 EDU (engineering development unit).  They plan to test MC2 to over 20+ g’s; that’s 20 times the force of gravity.  This is preparation for our delivery of MC2 scheduled for late June.

Hold tight MC2!

Box Buckled Up in Car