CADRE at National Science Foundation Research Exposition

As seen in the Michigan Record Update:

Two women looking at CubeSat
Photo by Mike Waring

“U-M Engineering student Kathryn Luczek (right) shows a CubeSat (cube satellite) to Cora Marrett, deputy director of the National Science Foundation, at an exhibition of NSF research in Washington, D.C. Luczek was joined by Aaron Ridley, associate professor of atmospheric, oceanic and space sciences, at the event this week. The reception and exhibits on Capitol Hill showed members of Congress and staff examples of the kind of basic research funded by the NSF. Luczek’s CubeSat is part of CADRE, a program that involves students building and designing small satellites for space research using faculty guidance.”

CADRE is the latest MXL CubeSat mission to be designed, built and tested by students.  Its mission is to mitigate threats to extant spacecraft with better understanding of of the upper atmospheric conditions, which leads to more accurate orbit determination.