Earth as seen from MCubed-2.
Earth as seen from MCubed-2.

MXL is enabled by partners and sponsors.  For example, the Earth photo on the right  was taken by MCubed-2, a student-built CubeSat from MXL.  It began as idea in a student group called S3FL with students like Kiko Dontchev, Yang Li, and Michael Heywood.  It matured in MXL as a fully funded effort by NASA JPL.  The mission trained over 30 students and provided flight characterization of novel satellite computer hardware.  It has taken stunning photos of our spaceship Earth.

We are grateful for our donors and sponsors below.

If you are interested in sponsoring MXL activities (education, research, and missions), please contact us.


Thanks to all of our donors that support MXL education and research!

Thanks to AGI for their generous sponsorship of our work through their supply of STK.

Thanks to Northrop Grumman for sponsoring our air bearing test stand.
Thanks to Orbital Sciences for sponsoring Strato flight during 2015.
lockheed-martin-logo[2010, 2011]
LM has sponsored several undergraduate students to work in MXL for the past several summers. They also donated a thermal chamber that is a critical part of our testing and heavily used by student teams throughout the university.
SpaceX Logo[2011 – 2014]
Thanks to the MXL alumni at SpaceX that are acting as mentors and reviewers.
Stellar Solutions[2011]
Thank you to Stellar for funding part of our summer ballooning effort in 2011.

Project Sponsors

Current Sponsorships and Program Funders

  • NASA
    • 2015: TBEX – The Tri-band Beacon Explorer with SRI International, a 3U CubeSat
    • 2016: MARIO – The Measurement of Actuator Response and Impedance in Orbit (MARIO) 3U CubeSat, in partnership with Dr. Dan Inman
    • 2017: Development of New Low-Resource Magnetometers for Small Satellites, in partnership with Dr. Mark Moldwin

Former Sponsorships…