MXL is recruiting, and we are looking for U of M students with a broad range of roles. Listed below are a few skill sets currently in demand (feel free to mix and match parts of different skill sets if you aren’t sure which category you fit into). These are only suggestions – if you love space, are a fast learner, and have a drive to finish what you start, contact us – chances are, we would love to have you on the team!

Here is a  caveat, however.   If you apply, make sure you’re ready to commit at least 10-15 hours per week – we’ve found that fewer than this makes it difficult to learn and contribute in a meaningful way.

For more information on recruitment, contact Include your resume and a summary of your skills, a few words on why you’d like to join, and what your interests are.

A list of possible projects and ideas is located here.  (Note, that document is a work in progress.)