Mission Overview

GRIFEX flight model with antenna tied down
GRIFEX flight model with antenna tied down.

The GEO-CAPE ROIC In-Flight Performance Experiment (GRIFEX)  is a 3U CubeSat developed by MXL that will perform engineering assessment of a JPL-developed all digital in-pixel high frame rate Read-Out Integrated Circuit (ROIC).   Its high throughput capacity will enable the proposed Geostationary Coastal and Air Pollution Events (GEO-CAPE) mission concept to make hourly high spatial and spectral resolution measurements of rapidly changing atmospheric chemistry and pollution with the Panchromatic Fourier Transform Spectrometer (PanFTS) instrument in development.  GRIFEX is the fifth satellite developed by the MXL research and student team.  It is the third satellite developed for JPL and NASA ESTO by MXL.

Operations Status Summary

  • 14 October 2017 – GRIFEX is currently operating in stand by.  It is collecting telemetry and beaconing periodically.  MXL will be using it as a training system for new satellite operators.

Beacon Details

  1. Frequency: 437.482 MHz
  2. Output Power: <1W
  3. Modulation and Encoding: GMSK, AX.25 9600 bps,
  4. Beacon: 10 sec period, includes telemetry, format to be released soon

Live Telemetry

Coming some day, maybe.  Our telemetry server upgrade is still in progress.

Tracking and Orbit Location

Returning soon, hopefully.